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Yes, we received the report. It was very useful, and more comprehensive than the last one we had done. Of particular value to me, as an engineer, were the photos and diagrams. Their inclusion takes a report from 'adequate' to 'truly useful'. There is no higher complement in technical documentation. Very professional.
Eric  (client)

Hey Robert,

I think you did a GREAT job on the inspection and report.  I was very impressed.  I am going to have my client give you a call if she has any questions regarding your report.  The digital pictures add great value.  I wish my husband and I would have used you when we purchased a home 1 year ago.  Thanks again for a great job and I look forward to working with you again!

Angela  (Real Estate Agent)


I just wanted to let you know that your inspection reports were outstanding.
I don't know what you could do to improve them. The pictures were very
helpful and your advice very welcome.
Again, thanks a lot for a job well done!
Margret (Client)

I want you to know that we have been 100% satisfied with your services and will not hesitate to call on you in the future.  Thanks!

David (Client)


We recommend the inspector we used:
Robert Gonzalez
Beneficial Home Inspections
Work: (512) 719-5090
He did a thorough inspection and he walked us through the house showing us
his findings in detail, plus we received within 24 hours a full and detailed
document, by email, with photographs.

I don't normally recommend people so directly but they have been really good
at their jobs.

Sal (Client)



The report looks great, thank you. I will definitely recommend your services to other colleagues and friends.

Thanks again.


Kind Regards

Nigel (Client)



Thank you so much for doing the inspection on our new house.   We hope to move in at the end of the month.  

Your report was very professional and the pictures were a great hit with our realtors!  Hopefully they will use you in the future!

Thanks again for doing such a thorough job!


Debbie E. (Client)




Hey Robert, We closed on that deal today that you did the inspection for. The seller said that he was totally impressed that you found that there was a problem in the breaker box. He said the electrician was amazed as well! Our buyer was very grateful! I am too! Thanks so much. I finished my last real estate class this weekend. Hope your business is booming and I will be calling you bunches in the very near future!

Thanks again!

Lori  (Real Estate Agent)





Your report is very professionally presented.  Thank you for your work.


Darrell K. (Client)


The inspection went well and you were very thorough.  Don't think I have any
questions right now.  Thanks!

Larry (Client)


We certainly appreciate all you have done. I will let you know on the insurance companies position as it relates to aluminum wiring.
Again thank you for a job well done.

Thomas O. (Client)



We got it and everything looks great.  Both Samantha
and myself were greatly pleased with the work you did
and the time that you spent.  We were both happy with
the great detail that you went into and the detailed
explanations that you gave us during the inspection.
We have ZERO complaints about the work you did and
will definitely recommend your services to friends and
family in the future.

Scott (Client)


Hey Robert,

You have my permission to use that report. Which by the way, I was very pleased with.

I think you did a great job; you were very thorough.

Sulema (Client)