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Building a New Home?

Phase Inspection - FramingAre you having a new home built? 

Are you actually receiving what your paying for ?

Are all construction materials being installed according to manufactures specifications?

Who is looking out for your best interests? 

If you are thinking of having your home built, I recommend that you hire a professional inspector to complete  phase inspections during the process.  Any problems that are encountered during phase inspections can usually  be corrected prior to completion, possibly saving costly future repairs . There are several phases where we recommend having a inspection performed. These include a foundation inspection, pre-drywall for framing and electrical / plumbing rough in, and a final inspection when completed.


Phase Inspections - FoundationsDepending on the type of construction and materials additional phase inspections may be recommended. 


Beneficial Home Inspections will coordinate with your builder to provide timely phase inspections and will report findings directly to you.                            


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