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Investing in Real Estate?  

More often than not investing in real estate is a sound choice. But do be aware, as with any type of investing there are risks involved. Beneficial Home Inspections recommends hiring a realtor or a real estate broker to help you locate the best real estate investment for your circumstances.

As an investor you want to keep any repairs and maintenance cost to a minimum. Unforeseen problems can cause excessive expenses, cutting into your much needed profits. Therefore when acquiring new properties for investment be sure to invest in a inspection performed by Beneficial Home Inspections. 

Beneficial Home Inspections can help identify potentially hazardous situations, as well as structural, mechanical, electrical or plumbing defects according to the Texas Real Estate Commission Home Inspection "Standards of Practice". I also include any recommended upgrades or repairs that would help the condition, safety and prolonged quality of the structure.  

Out of Town? Busy? - I provide Inspection reports with pictures, so that you will see what I observed.

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