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Professional Fees

Pre - Existing Home Inspections

(Pre-Closing and Pre-Listing)

Residential New Construction Inspections

Warranty Inspections

Optional Items

New Construction Phase Inspections


Bank Draw Inspections

Pre - Existing Homes

(Pre-Closing and Pre-Listing Inspections)


2000 sqft or less

   $ 400.00

Over 2000 sqft

    20 cents per sq ft rounded to the nearest $5.00** 

Additional Fees that may apply depending on the age and type of structure



Home 30 to 50 years old add  -


Homes 51 years or older add -    $150.00
 Two Levels or more  $25.00
No additional fees for inspections in Travis and Williamson Counties
Extended area coverage - Hays, Bastrop, Burnet, Blanco, Caldwell and Lee Counties
Hays and Bastrop Counties -  $75.00
Burnet, Blanco, Caldwell  and  Lee Counties -$150.00

Pier and Beam Foundation add


Multi Family units - Duplex  and  Fourplex

Duplex  (375.00 per unit)

    $ 750.00

Fourplex ($300 per unit)-

    $ 1200.00

Condo in Multi Unit Complex
1500 Sqft or less $300 - Over 1500 sqft .20 cents per sqft
The standard home inspection as well as all optional inspections are performed by the guidelines set by the Texas Real Estate Commissions "Standards of Practice" for home inspectors

Optional Item Fees:


Sprinkler Systems (12 zones or less, larger systems may vary)         


Outbuildings (sheds, detached garages, green houses, gazebos, etc.)  No plumbing fixtures or appliances            


Outdoor Cooking / Kitchen



Additional Structure with plumbing, electrical and/or living quarters (garage with apartment, guest houses etc)

$150.00 less then 750 sqft

$200.00 750 to 1000 sqft

$ 250.00 1000 to 1250 sqft

$300.00 1250 to 1500 sqft

Over 1500 sqft regular home inspection fee

Hot Tubs  (Stand Alone)                      


Pools / Pool with Spa Combo                    


Re-Inspections   (fee may vary depending on scope of inspection)   

(Note - extended area fee may also be charged for listed counties)       

$150.00 minimum

Additional visit requested  due to utility services not on at the time of the scheduled inspection. (Gas, Water, Electric)

(Note - extended area fee may also be charged for listed counties)

$150.00  minimum



 W.D.I. Inspections

(Wood Destroying Insect / Termite)

WDI  Inspections are performed by a licensed Pest Control Technician from Harveys Termite and Pest Control.



Varies depending on Type of foundation, structure and location

Single Family and Duplexes in  Austin and surrounding areas

Slab -  100.00

Pier and Beam - 125.00

Tax is already included in their fees

Click here for a  list of their fees

Any questions concerning the WDI inspections please call Harvey Costilla at (512) 845-8293
Wood destroying Insect Inspections (WDI reports) are performed by a licensed Pest Control Applicator from Harveys Termite and Pest Control and can be coordinated to coincide with the home inspection.

(If you have your own or desire a different company to perform the WDI inspection you are free to schedule that separately.





Residential New Construction and Warranty Inspections


2000 sqft or less


Over 2000 sqft = 20 cents per sq ft rounded to the nearest $5.00** 

Optional items priced as above

$100.00 Discount on Warranty Inspection if we performed the new construction final inspection



New Construction Phase Inspections 

2500  sq ft or less -


Over 2500 Sq Ft  = 20 cents per Sq Ft rounded to nearest $5.00 increments


 Bank Draw Inspections

Residential and Commercial
Note - extended area fee may also be charged for listed counties)

**Fees Subject to change without notice.**


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